Mr. Promote Sanitwaja
Chief Executive Officer

Our business starts with importing cranes and machinery for sale and rental services across various sectors, including government agencies, private companies, construction contractors, transport companies, factories, and ports within the EEC region.

We are committed to delivering rental, sales, and auction services with a strong emphasis on safety and exceptional service to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction. At the core of Saha Crane's mission is a commitment to service excellence. We operate a one-stop service of renting, selling, and auctioning to respond our customer’s needs, always seeking cost-effective service options. Simultaneously, we operate a leading machinery auction center in the country, with products from abroad circulating several hundred million baht each year. Additionally, our car auction centers have received excellent feedback and have branches throughout Thailand. In total, we operate four businesses.

In the future, Saha Crane plans to emphasize the growth of its equipment rental services, diversifying beyond cranes. For the sales department, we have expanded our customer base beyond just selling used machinery. We have started selling new products such as crane-mounted trucks.

We have plans to promote our machinery auction services in neighboring countries like Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Vietnam. The goal is to become the premier auction center for the Eastern region of the country. Ultimately, within the automotive sector, our goal is to extend our branch across key regions. Additionally, we envision broadening our scope beyond automobiles and motorcycles by including auctions for properties like land, buildings, and factories in the foreseeable future.

In our company, synergy entails optimizing rental, sales, and auction operations for peak efficiency. The demonstrated success of integrating these functions highlights how combining rental and auction activities contributes to overall business excellence. When our machinery reaches the end of its operational lifespan as per company policy, we initiate the auction process. This results in our auction yard receiving items for sale, with the proceeds from rentals allocated towards acquiring new equipment.

Moreover, our sales initiatives allow us to gauge market values of pre-owned vehicles, utilizing our extensive network and negotiation skills with global suppliers to attain the most advantageous pricing. This synergy serves as a diverse foundation for the future business expansion of Saha Crane.