Our Businesses


We are providing one stop crane rental services with a focus on the “First Safety & Best Service” We provide cranes and machinery with hi technology from Europe and Japan, ensuring customers will be confident in our services.

Business Structure

Type of Business Operations

Crane and machinery rental services.

We provide crane rental services ranging from small to large sizes for lifting, installation, and material handling, particularly for engineering projects. In addition, we offer various other machinery and equipment such as backhoes, forklifts, as well as transportation and hauling services using trailers and crane-mounted trucks.

Customers can contact us to inform their requirements. we provide consultation and guidance, allocating machinery suitable for their operations. We collaborate on project planning, prepare teams aligned with the hirer's plans, prioritizing safety above all else.

In project planning, Saha Crane considers the suitability of the actual workspace, the weight of the load, the lifting range, the placement points for the machinery, and the size of the machinery used and other factors, including the preparation of various support equipment. Customers can inspect the machinery's performance before the actual workday, once the planning has been finalized, at a company-designated location, such as by conducting a load test. For crane machinery, a lift test will be conducted using a load equivalent to the actual project requirements of the customer.

Nature of Business

Auction services.

We manage auctions for used machinery to provide customers with diverse options, ensuring they find products suitable for their needs. We actively source and invite domestic suppliers to participate, while also procuring items internationally to broaden the range of available products.

To ensure efficient service delivery and meet customers' needs to the highest standards, we provide auction products in three main categories:

  1. Construction Machinery: Includes equipment essential for construction projects.
  2. Vehicles: Includes cars and motorcycles.
  3. Construction Accessories: Includes tools and equipment needed for construction tasks.

Overall business operations

Machinery sales.

The company provide high-quality used machinery from diverse sources, including imports from overseas. The company procures machinery for resale through trustworthy business partners within its corporate group and via machinery auctions abroad. Additionally, it sources machinery locally from within the country.

Our sales team has over 10 years of experience in the resale of used machinery. We engage in sourcing high-quality products that meet established standards and specifications. We also provide guidance on the types of machinery that are suitable for specific purposes to interested buyers. In addition to machinery procurement by our sales team, we are also expanding our business product line. In February 2022, we were appointed as an authorized distributor of TADANO truck-mounted cranes, a leading global brand in the machinery industry, as part of our expansion into new machinery distribution.

Overall business operations